Ecology Class Climbs Mount Eisenhower

Biology Professor Robert Bertin’s General Ecology class is seen in the alpine zone atop the 4,780 foot Mount Eisenhower in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, with Mount Washington (highest point in New England) at the rear left. The climb was a class field trip to examine changes in vegetation with altitude. The flag was planted by a group of hikers dubbed Flags on the 48, which memorializes the victims of 9/11 each year by flying an American flag on each of the 48 4,000+ foot peaks in New Hampshire for the day.

Photograph by Libby Mazzeo ’13

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One Response to “Ecology Class Climbs Mount Eisenhower”

  1. Michelle Tourigny says:

    This brings back funny memories of our Ecology class mountain climb with Professor Bertin. I really enjoyed that class immensely even though I always managed to fall into the bog or come back to my dorm room soaking wet.

    Michelle Tourigny ’92