Hunger Banquet Raises Awareness of Food Disparities Across the Globe

Montserrat’s Global Society cluster held a Hunger Banquet on Thursday, Nov. 5 to raise awareness of disparities in food access locally and globally. More than 200 students and faculty participated in the lottery-styled meal that highlighted hunger and homelessness across the globe.

Fifteen percent of attendees enjoyed three-course meals served by wait staff, representing the proportion of the world’s population able to afford a nutritious daily diet; 35 percent received a healthy supply of beans and rice; representing those living on the edge of poverty; and a third group, comprised of 50 percent of participants, was given only ½ cup of rice and water, representing the majority of the world’s population that struggles daily to find food, water and shelter.

During the banquet, Liz Sheehan Castro of the Worcester County Food Bank; John Perkins of the Heifer Project; Drew Rapa ’14, co-chair of the College’s Oxfam chapter; and Michaela Johnson ’13, SPUD intern coordinator of hunger and homeless projects, spoke about local and global food challenges.

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