Congressman Welch ’69 Receives Award For Championing Causes of Higher Ed

At its 100th annual meeting, the American Association of University Professors presented its most prestigious award, the Henry T. Yost Congressional Recognition Award, to Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., of the class of 1969. The award is given annually to a member of Congress who has championed the causes of higher education. Welch was nominated by the University of Vermont Faculty Organization and the nomination was seconded by associate professor emeritus Charlie Baker, a member of AAUP’s National Council and the Chair of the Committee on College and University Governance.
Baker, right, speaks with Welch, in his Capitol Hill office. At the ceremony held in Welch’s office, Baker noted that Holy Cross is committed to educating students “for others” and he exemplifies that mission. He told how in academic year 1967-68 Welch and seven other Holy Cross students went to Chicago and worked with some Jesuits at Loyola University on social work projects in the Lawndale area of the city. They took their courses at Loyola. To get to Chicago, Welch hitchhiked from Springfield, Mass. (it was a more innocent era, says Baker). Baker, a class dean at the time, visited their apartment and shared a spaghetti supper with them.


Professor Brian Turner, AAUP Council Member and Chair of the Government Relations Committee, presented the award.

Photography by Michael Ferguson/AAUP


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