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African Fulbright Scholar Visits Holy Cross

January 29th, 2016 by Evangelia Stefanakos


Augustine Nwoye (right), a professor of psychology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, visited Holy Cross as a Fulbright scholar to work closely with Mark Freeman (left), professor of psychology at the College. After reading Freeman’s recent book “The Priority of the Other” (Oxford University Press, 2014), Nwoye took particular interest in Freeman’s research and reached out to work with him specifically through a Fulbright grant which allowed Nwoye to work on a proposal for a book focusing on African psychology.

According to Nwoye, the accepted psychological canon is comprised mainly of European and/or white psychologists that analyze the human experience in their respective westernized cultures. This discourse is difficult to apply to the African human experience, often leading to disconnects between accepted psychological theory and African reality. Through this new book, Nwoye aims to create a new canon — African Psychology — that he asserts will more accurately relate to the African world, and which, furthermore, can be applied back to western psychology and, by extension, better inform it.