A Spiritual Journey

Each year since 2004, different members of Holy Cross faculty and staff have participated in the Ignatian Pilgrimage to study the life of Ignatius Loyola (1491 -1556), the founder of the Society of Jesus, and to enrich their understanding of the heritage of Jesuit education. The pilgrimage is led by Tom Landy, director of the Center for Religion, Ethics, and Culture at Holy Cross.

This year’s participants stand on the roof of the Jesuit headquarters in Rome. St. Peter’s Basilica is seen in the background. First row, left to right: Jerry Lembcke, associate professor of sociology; Margaret A. Post, director of the Donelan Office of Community-Based Learning; Justin Poche, assistant professor of history. Second row, left to right: Susan Rodgers, professor and chair of sociology and anthropology; Sharon Frechette, associate professor of mathematics; Karen Teitel, assistant professor of economics; Virginia Raguin, professor of visual arts; Donald Brand, professor of political science; Rev. Earle Markey, S.J., associate director of admissions; Katherine Kiel, associate professor of economics. Third row, left to right: Mark Savolis, head of archives and special collections; Jeffrey Reno, associate professor of political science; Landy; Paul Covino, associate chaplain and director of liturgy; Blaise Nagy, professor of classics.


Holy Cross’ universal first-year program, titled Montserrat is named after this mountain near Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain, where, in 1522, St. Ignatius of Loyola laid aside the symbols of his old life and began a pilgrimage of exploration, self-discovery and commitment.

Photograph by Virginia Raguin


The Church of St. Sebastian in Spain where St. Ignatius was baptized.

Photograph by Virginia Raguin

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