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Worcester’s Educators Network on the Hill

February 28th, 2014 by smorriss

Th Minority Education Professional Network aims to create a welcoming environment for minority professionals in Worcester’s colleges, universities and public schools. Rob Jones, associate director of multicultural education at Holy Cross, and Jacqueline Peterson, the College’s dean of students and vice president for student affairs, serve on the group’s steering committee, and hosted its networking reception in the Hogan Campus Center on Feb. 26. Worcester’s public school superintendent, Melinda Boone, served as the keynote speaker. Jones, shown here with Boone; Charise Wilson, an admissions counselor at Becker College; and Dean Peterson, commented on the networking event: “What a pleasure to network with the many education professionals of color in the Worcester Community!”


Photo by Suzanne Morrissey


Savoring a Moment of Calm

February 17th, 2014 by smorriss
Even with all the news about record snowfalls and ice wreaking havoc on the roads, the beauty of Mount St. James blanketed in snow is hard to miss. “I took this photo last Monday around 6:30 on my way to the MCAT course,” shares psychology major Kendall Presti ’14. “I was really just running from Hogan down to Stein when I caught a glimpse of the way the snow was cascading down the Dinand steps.” She paused to take this photo. The Massachusetts native who grew up skiing says she loves the white stuff…even a lot of it. “Maybe its the quiet serenity snow delivers that makes the world feel like it stopped turning for a minute. I’m not really sure, but with all the chaos of life, snow gives me a sense of peace. I think that was a large part of why this scene at the library appealed to me. And, of course, that literally IS what this moment did for me—I stopped mid sprint just to savor that moment of calm.” Presti says she thinks the Holy Cross campus is at its best in the winter, but jokes that if she says that too much, an angry mob of snow-loathers might show up at her door!